Howard Beach Motor Boat Club

The History of our Club

Shortly before the club was formed, our area was home to residents that lived or had summer homes along Hawtree Creek.

Hawtree Creek is a small saltwater creek that runs into Jamaica Bay and separates both the Howard Beach and Hamilton Beach neighborhoods of Queens, New York. 

The founder and first Commodore of the Howard Beach Motor Boat Club, Bill Gluck (along with our first 10 members), started the Club in a 20 x 40 bungalow here in 1914 and the club was incorporated in February, 1916.

Over the years as neighboring homes and bungalows went up for sale, the HBMBC acquired that land and started slowly expanding the club's property. Through continuing renovations done with the 

craftsmanship of its members, a wonderful new facility for the growing club was contructed almost overnight.

Ever wonder about the name of the Club?  Why Motor Boat Club?  Well, it was only in the late 19th century that steam engines began finding their way into ships. Before that time sails and oars were the only power for boats and ships for thousands of years. It wasn't until about 1907, that Ole Evinrude started building the very first detachable gasoline motors for boats, so it was a real mark of prestige and affluence that our Club was created as a Motor Boat Club.  Unlike Yacht clubs with their sail boats, for our members there was no more rowing or sailing out to fish, we had motors on our boats!    

Our boats and our clubhouse have weathered many high tides and storms over the years, back in 1929 and most recently Hurricane Irene in 2011 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012, but each time the club comes back better and stronger!  

Most of the Club's early records were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy so we would welcome any loan or receipt of any records, photographs or other information about the early days of the club that our readers may have. 

*Please be sure to check the Community History page of this website for the colorful early history of our local area.